Canon Discounting Older Full Frame DSLRs

Canon has finally joined the fray, placing substantive discounts on older generation models that we haven't seen before. 

  • 5D Mark III [advertiser link]— The basic body of this 22mp full frame DSLR is now US$1999, a US$800 savings. But this site's exclusive advertiser will throw in a free 12-month subscription (or addition to your subscription) for Adobe Create Cloud Photographer's bundle. There are additional bundles available: 24-70mm, and 24-105mm lenses, a printer bundle, or a video production bundle. The 5DM3 is still a solid performer, though it's missing things like 4K video.
  • 6D [advertiser link] — The original 6D is a 20mp full frame DSLR, and at US$999 (a US$700 discount), the first Canon full frame camera I've seen pop below the US$1000 mark. As with the 5D Mark III, there are a bunch of bundle choices to consider, though the US$999 with 12 months of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan really puts the body price down to an effective US$879, which is just difficult to turn down.

My sense is that everyone has extra older generation gear in their inventories, and as DSLR sales are continuing downward, we're going to see more of this type of discounting, though perhaps not at this extreme a level.

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