Photoshop World Specials

This site's exclusive advertiser has a few Photoshop World specials that are of note (all links go to B&H):

  • Creative Cloud Plan (12 months) —US$120, but you get a US$30 B&H gift card on purchase. There aren't a lot of ways to save on Adobe CC plans. Amazon sometimes has a one-day only discount in the holiday season. This is another. Don't overlook them. And yes, you can get the plan and have it added to your current plan (I've tried it, and it works on extending your plan out). 
  • Tamron 45mm f/1.8 VC lens —US$399. I never wrote a review of this lens, though I tried it for a couple of weeks. Optically, it's a strong performer, probably better than Nikon's fast normal lenses. Plus it has vibration control. At this price it's a reasonable bargain.
  • ProGrade 64GB SD Cards (UHS-II, two-pack) — US$90. While not a big discount (10%), I've been using these cards since NAB in testing UHS-II cameras, and they're as fast as I've seen, and seem pretty reliable.
  • Apple 15" MacBook Pro (1TB, 16GB) — US$2399. This is the portable computer I use, and once High Sierra stabilized it has been pretty much everything I wanted (other than accidentally activating Siri due to the trackbar so easy to hit when you're looking for the Delete key). A US$1100 on a top-end Apple product isn't to be sniffed at, even if Apple is likely to announce the next model next week. Buying at the trailing edge of the Apple lifespans is the only way to get real discounts.
  • Helicon Focus Pro (lifetime license) — US$149 after adding to cart. If you're a D850 owner wanting to do focus stacking, this is one of the premiere software products to put all those images together.

I wanted to call out just those things that are probably of interest to this site's readers and for which I have experience with. Plenty more specials are available—though some of them seem to be just lingering manufacturer discounts—click on this advertiser link to see them.

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