Nikon D6 Firmware Update

While D500 and D850 users wait for promised firmware updates (there were two distinct promises, one for additional focus sensors staying cross-hatched with slower telephoto lenses, plus one for CFe support), the D6 sees its first firmware update to version 1.10:

  • WT-6 users can now select 2.4 or 5GHz band connections.
  • WT-6 users can now connect to SSIDs with spaces, semicolons, ampersands, and backslashes.
  • Ethernet connection is now identified with a constantly lit indicator, not a flashing one.
  • Regular autofocus has been improved in some unspecified way.
  • Focus sensor positioning responds quicker to changes in direction.
  • Autofocus for lenses faster than f/2.8 has been corrected.
  • AF Fine Tuning Options only stored one set of parameters for the 180-400mm f/4. Now it can store a set for when the lens is used normally as well as when the TC is in place.
  • A bug where focus sensor orientation wasn't correctly saved when the Standby Timer expired.
  • Custom Setting #F9 users now get the correct under/over exposure indicators.
  • Exposure indicators are more responsive when making changes.
  • Frames Remaining was not being updated correctly after some in-camera image deletions and has been fixed.
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