The Nikon section is divided into three primary sections:

  • Nikon Products — information about Nikon product announcements, past and future
  • About Nikon — strategy, practices, and a FAQ
  • User Experiences with Nikon — site reader experiences with Nikon gear, including experience with Nikon service and support; note that this is now deprecating, meaning it won’t be updated with new experience

You may question why a section on the camera maker itself needs to exist. 

Buying into a camera system is a leap of faith. A full system for a serious photographer can cost many thousands of dollars. A prudent buyer wants to know what they’re getting into with such a large commitment of their hard-earned cash (if you’re one of those still buying on credit, you need even more to know what you’re getting into, as you’ll be paying it off for a long, long time). This section of the site tries to help you understand the overall system you're buying into.

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