The NAB Convention in Numbers

  • 1874 companies exhibited
  • 1,063,380 square feet of exhibit space was used
  • 103,012 visitors attended, 26,893 from outside the US and from 187 countries
  • 1608 registered press covered the convention

Compared to 2015:

  • 103,012 attendees in 2016 versus 103,119 in 2015
  • 26,893 foreign visitors in 2016 versus 26,319 in 2015
  • 1,063,380 square feet of space in 2016 versus 1,013,554 in 2015

You may want to know how NAB compares to Photokina. Photokina 2014 was:

  • 1074 companies exhibited
  • 155,000 square meters of exhibit space was used (1,668,406 square feet)
  • 183,297 visitors attended, 57,961 from outside Germany and from 160 countries
  • 5961 registered press covered the show

I’ll say this about being a working member of the press at both NAB and Photokina: NAB beats Photokina hands down in almost every respect, and the companies exhibiting at NAB are much more proactive then those at Photokina. Registered as press at Photokina brings a trickle of information to your in box; registered as press at NAB brings a fire house of information. 

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