Wednesday — A Quick Photo Tour

Today I thought we’d play a different game than new product descriptions. I’m going to walk you around the show a bit and show some of the more unusual things you'd see after walking (7.04 miles today) up and down all the aisles.

First up, have you ever wondered about those big scoreboard displays? You know, like this one:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19850

The back side of these displays is probably not what you thought:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19849

Yes, that’s the same display, I just moved a few feet to my right to show what’s on the backside. Lots of heatsinked, synchronized, sub panels all tied together with cabling. And it seems that the bigger the panel is, the more complex things get.

Wonder how all those low angle moving images of cars get done? 

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19869

That’s a Canon DSLR down there below door level, held up with suction cups and magnetic grips. 

And speaking of cars, I want one of these four seaters (that’s a remote controllable video camera fully protected from sandstorms up top, by the way):

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19929

But I can probably only afford this one:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19917

Yes, drones were everywhere, and some now come with wheels. They even come in VTOL versions now (note the near props in the helicopter position with the far props in the forward propulsion position):

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19945

One of the cooler things I saw for the first time was a glass window that was actually a video display:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19893

And yes, it can provide a very reasonable video output (just don’t put bright things behind it):

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19894

If that starts to make you wonder what the future might be like, well, according to Facebook it looks like this:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19889

It was actually amusing to watch folk sit through that VR presentation and react to what they were seeing. 

But one of the more interesting things in a show like this is all the ways that different companies gave you something to “shoot” with their products. I’ll give you just a taste of this. I’ve already shown what Atomos had:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19931

Some companies went simpler and more classy:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19927

Some went with faux celebrities, such as Rocky Balboa:

bythom US NV NAB April-2016 A6300 19928

There was a never-ending stream of shooting possibilities, that’s for sure. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick walk around the halls. I’m now winging my way back to the offices, so they’ll be a bit of a break before I report other things I learned or found at the show. Thom feet need rest.

Suffice it to say I gathered enough material for a whole host of articles—and yes, articles that apply to the still photography side, too—selected a bunch of products to review, and got answers to a number of questions that some of you have been asking me via email. All that, plus our regularly scheduled coverage will resume on Monday. 

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