What Gear Should I Take on My Cancelled Trip?

With the Covid-19 virus still running rampant, it's pertinent today to answer the following question:

My upcoming trip to Africa has been cancelled? Which gear should I pack?

The important thing to note is that a trip cancellation gives you much more flexibility in packing. If you wish to not carry a 7kg weight-limited carry-on, you can now do so. If you don't want to drag 10-pound lenses through multiple airports, you don't have to.

My basic recommendation for a cancelled trip is the following:

  • You can leave your laptop at home with no penalty to your field work.
  • You can cut down on extra cards or external storage, indeed, all the way down to zero. Forgot to bring your card reader? Not an issue.
  • Really thin and un-protective carrying cases can now be considered.
  • If you were struggling between whether to take your f/5.6 or f/6.3 lens, relax, even f/8 is fine now. I'd even consider a 3x teleconverter, since it won't impact image quality at all.
  • Since nothing will be failing in the bush, you can leave your backup gear at home, too.

In short, you have much more flexibility in packing for a cancelled trip than you do one that actually happens.

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