Canon Rebel SL3 / 250D Specifications

bythom canon eos3
  • Introduced: 4/10/2019
  • Expected Replacement: ??
  • Current Firmware: version 1.0
  • Sensor Size: 22.3x14.9mm, APS-C (1.6x full frame)
  • Sensor Pixels: 24.1mp, 3.72 micron photosites
  • Sensor Manufacturer: Canon
  • Sensor Technology: CMOS, Bayer, AA filter, microlens, Dual Pixel
  • Imaging Processor: Digic 8
  • Max Image Size: 6000 x 4000
  • Other Image Sizes: 3984 x 2656, 2976 x 1984, 2400 x 1600 (plus 4:3, 16.9, and 1.1 aspect ratio sizes)
  • Video: 4K/24 (1.7x added crop, 120Mbps), 1080P 60/50/30/25 (60Mbps max), 720P/60/50 (stored in H.264 MP4, or ALL-I MOV file, with AAC audio, max 60Mbps); stereo sound from built-in mic, or accessory jack; video has 5-axis image stabilization (imposes additional crop); uncompressed 10-bit or 8-bit 4:2:2 on HDMI port, HDMI supports 4K/30P
  • ADC Bit Depth: 14 bit
  • Raw File Formats: 14 bit Compressed 
  • Other File Formats: JPEG, raw CR2 
  • JPEG Rendering: ?-bit rendering, 8-bit output 
  • Auto Rotation: Yes
  • Color Spaces: sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • Storage: SD/SDHC/SDXC slot (UHS-I enabled)
  • Max Write Speed: ?MB/sec
  • Max Buffer Size: "full" JPEG Fine, 10 RAW (9 with JPEG)
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, Built-in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n + NFC), Bluetooth LE 4.1
  • TV Support: NTSC and PAL, HDMI
  • Lens Support: EF-S, EF
  • Autofocus Module: 9 sensor (1 crosshatch) (f/5.6 max at all sensors; center supports f/2.8), -0.5EV sensitivity, dual pixel Live View/Video
  • Shutter Lag: 75ms best case
  • Autofocus Modes: One-Shot, Predictive AI Servo, AI Focus AF, Manual; Single-point, Zone, Large Zone, Auto selection
  • AF Assist: Yes (white lamp)
  • Metering: 7.6k-pixel Color+IR, 63-zone matrix, centerweight, spot, 1EV minimum (0 EV Live View)
  • Exposure Modes: P, Tv, Av, M, 15 special exposure modes and 10 effects
  • Exposure Compensation: +/- 5 stops, 1/3 stop or 1/2 stop
  • Exposure Bracketing: Yes, 2,3,5,7 frames at 1/3 stop or 1/2 stop (plus WB bracketing)
  • ISO: 100-25600 (51200 expanded), AUTO
  • White Balance: Auto, custom, 7 predefined with fine tuning 
  • Image Settings: Picture Styles including Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue
  • Color LCD: fully articulated 3” touchscreen, 1.04m dots, 170 degree view
  • Image Review: Histogram (RGB), Highlights
  • Continuous Shooting Speed: 5 fps, 2.5 fps silent mode
  • Shutter Speeds: 30s to 1/4000, bulb. ?k rated, electronic first curtain
  • Mirror Lockup: ?
  • Viewfinder: Pentaprism, 95%, 0.87x magnification, 19mm eyepoint, -3 to +1 diopters 
  • Optional Viewfinder Accessories: dioptric adjustment, anti-fog eyepiece, EG eyecup
  • Optional Focus Screens: ?
  • Menus: Playback, Shooting, Custom Settings, Setup, Retouch, MyMenu 
  • Flash Sync Speed: 1/200
  • Flash Type: E-TTL II, M
  • Internal Flash: Yes, GN 9.8m (ISO 100)
  • PC Sync: No
  • Flash Compensation: -2 to +2EV in 1/3 or 1/2 stop steps
  • Flash Options: Red Eye, Slow Sync, Rear Sync
  • DOF Preview: Yes
  • Optional Remotes: BR-E1, TC-80N3, RS-60E3, RA-E3
  • Size: 4.8 x 3.7 x 2.8” (122.4 x 92.6 x 69.8mm) 
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces (449g) with battery 
  • Battery: LP-E17 (1070 shots CIPA in DSLR mode, 320 shots in Live View)
  • Optional AC Adapter: ACK-E6
  • Other Significant: Self-cleaning sensor,  Timelapse shooting, PictBridge, in camera B&W and color filtration, FUNC button, optional GPS, quiet shooting mode
  • Included Software:
  • Price at Introduction: US$600 body only, US$750 body + 18-55mm kit lens
  • Colors: Available in black, white

Thom's Comments: A very modest update from the SL2, with a slight drop in weight and increase in battery life and buffer. You also get a highly cropped 4K video capability that the previous model didn't have. I actually like this little DSLR—and it is little compared to most APS-C DSLRs—and find it attractive for the casual consumer. I note a lot of those just use this camera in Live View mode, as the Dual Pixel focus is pretty good, and coupled with the swivel LCD, that allows for selfies.

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