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There are so many photography apps for Windows, Unix, and Linux, that even my dedicated pages miss a few options. This page tries to point out those products that don't fit into one of the more traditional categories I outline elsewhere.  

(If you've found something you think should be on this page, send me an email with the name of the app and why you think it should be here, and I'll look into it.)

  • MetaRaw — An answer to two problems. (1) Cameras not supported by Adobe Camera Raw. A host of very old cameras, including some of the Kodak DSLRs, are not supported by ACR. MetaRaw adds support for more than 170 of those orphaned cameras; (2) Older versions of Photoshop and ACR that can't convert images from newer cameras because that version of ACR doesn't support them. This plug-in has other features and functions, as well, but those two primary problem solvers are generally the reason why someone looks at this program. 
  • Argyll CMS — The core here is a set of Open Source routines that can help you create a very accurate color profile for any device (e.g. digital cameras). It's all a bit geeky and time consuming to understand, but others have simplified things a bit by building UI wrappers to help you. For example, Iliah Borg has Windows and Mac versions available. If you're deeply into color management, it might be worth exploring, especially if you shoot under fixed lighting a lot and want an accurate profile of what the camera is doing.
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