Alls Well That Ends Well?

My 2012 Nikon repair experience was not all bad. Lousy beginning, but not all bad. In the beginning, Nikon insisted that the long out-of-warranty 18-200 lens I sent was registered to someone else. I provided copies of the original bill of sale and eventually Nikon decided that I had not stolen it. I had sent the lens for cleaning and repair after I fell through ice with it. It had had obvious water inside, leaving spots on internal elements when it dried, as well as accumulated wear and tear from a lot of hard use during treks to far places. When I prepaid the Rank C repair fee ($125 plus shipping), the lens spent a couple of weeks "waiting for parts", according to the website. I was on the point of cheerlessly undertaking another conversation when what to my wondering eyes did appear but a cleaned and repaired lens! Shipped March 26, returned April 24, with only 1 hour of my time on telephone establishing that I am the legal owner of a properly registered lens. The repair description suggests that quite a lot was done for my $125. A couple of grab shots look OK. I'm hoping for a usable lens. Even though Thom no longer endorses this lens, it has been very serviceable for my needs, and the Nikon repair experience was not as bad as some have described. Premature rejoicing is better than no rejoicing at all. (sp)

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