• Store and edit camera settings files on a PC (ah) [We sort of have that with Camera Control Pro]
  • Combine SHOOTING and CUSTOM SETTINGS banks (many) [I'm not so sure about just combining them, but I do want the option to combine them, so that the camera can be completely set in one selection]
  • Save/Load SHOOTING bank settings, Save/Load CUSTOM SETTINGS bank settings (sg)
  • Save/Load banks to named files on card (ke)
  • Restore settings from settings file made with previous firmware (th)
  • Restore to Saved settings option (not default) (sg)
  • Restore to Saved after time period (sg) [could also be Restore to Saved on On/Off]
  • New keep mirror up for continuous shooting mode (focus, exposure locks to first frame) (ka)
  • Automatic VR invocation or "settable" VR (VR turned on at user specified shutter speeds, off otherwise) (th)
  • VR On/Off indicator in viewfinder (so)
  • use NFC/Bluetooth to talk to iOS/Android app that allows full change of camera settings from app (including save and restore) (ac)

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