Good Lens Experience

Got an old 105mm F2.5 AIS from a family member.   It had some normal wear and tear and quite a bit of dust inside from the years if use.   Also the built in hood was worn out & very loose.  Decided what the heck, send this to Nikon for a couple $ in shipping and see if they will do anything to this older lens.

Shipped the lens last Wed 2/19, hit Nikon's dock Friday ($7 UPS ground).  Had a repair estimate on Monday for $93 for a B2 repair.  (Believe that B2= moderate type repair in Nikon's world)  Approved it and the lens is back in my hands today 2/28.  To me that is fast, with 2 days of ground shipping on each end.

Looking an the lens, all cleaned up, no dust on the inside, the focus ring rotation is now like my other 28mm AIS lens (smooooooth) and the built in hood now works fine.   Couple quick tests and everything looks good.    Interesting and this may just my perception, but the focus assist >0< needed to be on the > to be in focus before sending it in.  Now the focus is better right on the 0.  Cool!

This is going to be a fun toy.

Maybe this is a sign the Nikon service may be headed in a better direction.  (Or their last AIS lens tech is sitting around, lol) (jj)

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