Good German D300 Repair

Location - Nikon service point, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Repair - zoom lens repair, D300 inspection and cleaning, SB-600 inspection.

Experience - in a word, excellent. Website provides all details, including relevant forms that can be completed in advance, to save time later. Drop-off was fast and efficient, with multilingual staff.

On request, the repair was expedited, even though I am not a member of NPS. A full quotation for the work came by email within 12 hours of drop-off; followed by a telephone call, to ensure it was received, as they had noted the urgency of the repair.

The repairs were complete within 48 hours of drop-off. Equipment was in excellent condition on pick-up, including being carefully packaged.

The cost was relatively high, although a significant portion of that was a part for the lens. (eo)

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