KEH Better Than Nikon

If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. I wanted to get my PC-E 24mm f/3.5D modified so that tilt and shift operate in the same plane or parallel. Went to Nikon’s website to fill out a repair tag and that lens isn’t listed. Both the 45mm and 85mm are. So I call Nikon and the technician doesn’t know what the lens is and thinks it’s a teleconverter. Getting past his lack of knowledge, he says to select “other lens” in the drop down list. Of course that means I didn’t get a repair estimate on line but that’s ok.

By contrast, two months ago I purchased a used Micro Nikkor 70mm-180mm f/4.5-5.6 from KEH Camera. There used equipment has a 6 month warranty. While the lens works very well, I found that the zoom ring would bind a slightly when rotated with two fingers. If I grasped the ring very lightly it doesn’t bind. Not knowing if this could be a potential long term problem, I emailed KEH service describing the situation thinking maybe a simple cleaning would resolve the problem and I offered to pay for the cleaning. They got back to me the following day and said I should return it so they can check it out and provided me with a free FedEx ground shipping label and specific instructions on how to fill out there on-line repair form. Yesterday I called the Nikon authorized repair facility in Sacramento, CA (that’s close to the bay area). They didn’t want to even look at the 70-180mm even for a cleaning because they said it’s old and parts probably aren’t available. It appears that neither Nikon or their authorized repair stations are interested in helping customers.

Nikon could learn a lot from KEH Camera! Your posts regarding Nikon repairs and my own experience will make me think twice before I buy more equipment from them. I only hope my PC-E lens comes back undamaged and modified as I requested. (ss)


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