Positive Repair Experience

A positive repair experience my wife had with her Nikon D7000 late in 2013:

We were on our second day of hiking in Nepal of our five week trip in October when she slipped, fell (fortunately, not injured) and her Nikon D7000 hit a rock and broke the battery door.  Luckily,the camera was still operational but we had to tape the door with duct tape to prevent the battery from falling out.

Upon our return to Vancouver, B.C., Canada, we dropped by the Nikon facility and presented the camera for a repair estimate.  The receptionist took the camera into the back somewhere, returned and informed us that the technician would look at it.  Within ten minutes she returned for a second time with a smile on her face and said that the technician had found a replacement door, replaced it and there was no to be no charge.  My wife was very pleased with this outcome. (wc)

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