Good News

Within a 10-day period, I made 3 visits to the new Hollywood location of the West Coast Nikon Repair Center. Here's what made me happy:

1) Warranty inspection of Nikon D7000 having high battery drainage. No charge. And, all is well with camera & battery. Serious user error reported. Doh!

2) Was given free new zoom ring rubber grip for an old 16-85mm lens I bought used.

3) Repair by me went astray. I cut off the old rubber grip with Xacto knife, then cleaned the barrel with Iso alcohol on a cotton pad. In the process I removed some double-sided Scotch tape there. I thought it was put there by previous owner. This removal dislodged an inner barrel tube and the lens wouldn't zoom wider than 24mm.

4) Returned to Nikon service with disabled lens (and egg on my face). They explained that the Scotch tape was put there during manufacture. Three hours later I received email to pick up the repaired 16-85mm lens. No charge.

Hey, sometimes good things happen! (gc)

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