Not Warranty Eligible (Again)

I was prompted to send off my D600 to Nikon as I was experiencing repeated gunk on the top left of the sensor and the shutter mechanism seemed to be at fault. I first uploaded sample images to Nikon and then after acknowledgement posted the body to them and also uploaded copies of my proof of purchase and Warranty card.

After about a week I got the following response:

“I have received your proof of purchase and have been investigating your warranty details further. Unfortunately as your camera was purchased from Amazon market place and our records show that we sold the camera to a high street retailer, your camera would technically not have a manufacturing guarantee as it would be classed as a second hand purchase.

However I would be happy in this circumstance to proceed the repair to your camera as good will and have your camera repaired for free under the terms of our warranty. Repairs take around 7-10 working days to complete, parts dependant and as soon as your repair is done we will have your camera dispatched out to you for next working day delivery.“

So good news in that the repair was being done, but on a good will basis rather than under warranty.  On following up, a Nikon representative confirmed their records showed that my camera was sold to a high street retailer (which they weren’t allowed to name) and so my purchase on-line meant the warranty wasn’t valid.  I looked back at the details of my original purchase and it was stated by the Amazon Market Place seller (Top Deals Ltd) as a “New’ & “UK” purchase.  

I’m currently awaiting the repaired camera back from Nikon, but this experience has left me somewhat bemused.  Prior to purchase I was aware of “grey import” issues and so deliberately chose a UK seller and additionally chose Amazon to try ans ensure my rights were protected.  And yet I am left in a situation where in Nikon’s eyes I am second hand purchaser and thus any warranty is invalid being non-transferrable.

I intend to follow up with Top Deals Ltd for their comment, but overall I don’t have the reassuring confidence with Nikon and their approach to warranties.  Particularly as the root cause of D600 issues has not been openly admitted and I’ve been left felling they are doing me a favor, rather that provide the level of customer service and support I’d expect from the Nikon brand. (rj)

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