D200 Repair

Sent my D200 in for repair at Nikon center in New York. The technician was very nice on the phone and had me operate the camera while it was near the phone so he could hear it. He surmised that the shutter was not changing speed when the ISO change. I sent the camera in and a couple of days later I got an email that they would not repair the camera because it was a non-USA product. I purchase this camera from B & H Photo in New York and they assured me that it was not a Gray market item. I registered the camera with Nikon. They wanted me to provide proof that it was not a Gray Market. They told me that one way to tell was if the printed material including the manual were in English. I provided them with a copy of the manual cover which clearly shows it is printed in English. They still refused to repair my camera. The camera just started taking very dark pictures with any lens I put on it. The camera has never given me a problem before. This is probably a simple fix but Nikon refuses to even discuss it with me now. (wv)

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