Another D800 Focus Fix

Sent in a 301xxxxx serial number D800 with a clear left focus issue.  No issue getting it serviced...B2 level with “Adj Auto Focus Operation” service (as well as other CLN and CKD).  Received it back...first shot with the camera showed a center focus issue, left and right center focus points look ok.

I can get the center in focus with a +20, but of course that also adjusts the other points. Now Nikon wants to see pictures...fine, ok.  Hope I don’t get stuck with a dud due to some “that’s within tolerances” story.

So frustrating.  I’m not going to make a silly “I’m switching to Canon” comment, but this has definitely taken a bit of fun out of Nikon.  ...I’m never really felt the focus on this D800 was acting correctly.  Picked up my D700 yesterday...felt better about things....I love you D700. (bd)

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