Bad Telephone Experience

More "troubles" at Nikon USA repairs. I sent in my Nikkor 28-70 F2.8D for repairs to the AF system on Feb. 20, 2014. 

First, I couldn't complete the repair registration process online. There was some kind of problem at the website that prevented me from getting my mailing labels in PDF form. I sent an email via the Nikon USA website saying I was having problems. Two days later, I got a response email acknowledging issues with the site, and saying it should now work. It did when I tried again.

Second, today, Feb. 28, I got an email saying my lens had been received and I could go online to approve the repair estimate. I did, or at least tried to. When I engaged the Approve button, I got a "server cannot be found" error message. I tried this three times, all with the same result.

Third, I then called the Nikon USA service number, 1 (800) 645-6687. But the menu tree offered to callers DOES NOT (as at least of this moment) offer an option to contact Repairs!

The phone menu was only offering choices ranging from 1) Nikon Store to 4) All other Technical Support. Of course, when I went to 4, I got only software, film camreas, sport optics and film scanners.

Third, once I cleared that hurdle, I got to a live person in Repairs (option 5). After giving her my service order number, she couldn't find the order that corresponded to my name. Short version: it took five tries of giving her the order number before she said she "must have misheard" me and was putting in the wrong number.

Fourth, a small point, the call center person then said she couldn't pronounce my surname and could she call me Mr. Floyd. I find this rather ironic given that NIkon is a Japanese company, but perhaps the irony was lost on her.

Fifth, it then took another two minutes for her to get set up to take my credit card number to attach to the repair approval.

Sixth, when this painful process was finally over -- I also told her to report the problems with the website and phone menu system -- I had spent nearly 17 minutes on the phone approving what should have been a simple repair approval order.

I'm a pro shooter, and this lens is one of my go-to lenses. I understand things need to be repaired .... I've sent two camera bodies (film) and two lenses through this system in the past. But if my experience is indicative of the quality of Nikon "service," its a hell of a way to run a consumer-focused company.

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