Lens Not Repaired Correctly

Sent a 24-70 to NPS june 17 for repair   focal ring locked and would not turn....could not find receipt, very large camera shop could not find sale or serial number of the US serial number lens

Called Nikon they could not track the serial number either, thus, I had to pay,,,shame on me for losing papers, and paying cash at camera shop

lens goes in...NPS replaces

cam ring

iso ring

filter ring

lens bayonet mount

rubber rings

chck optical alignment

chck focus ops


492.50 after the discount...my equip makes me money so hey you have to pay and it is a cost of doing business

today, shooting gov scott walker during a tv taping...2 d4s"s and a d3s....started auto wb.....24-70 on each body and color rendering was unlike anything I had ever seen,,,really bad wb at ISO 4000, and a shutter of 1/400 at 4.0. shooting raw,,,,no lcd adjustments all at fac defaults....

swapped lens to different bodies, same crap looking images,,,,other lenses sweet,,,,primes and 14-24 and 70-200 vr II.....

get home call nps,,,kid says send me bad photos,,,I do,,kid says send me photos again this time on nikon software program so he can see meta data.....

told him to use ACR or LR and look in the develop panel...Apparently he cant figure this out

and this is just a kid figuring out if this is a problem so he can send me a free shipping label....

told them cut it out lens is coming back,,,i could care less about a free shipping label as I need my stuff with nascar this weekend and pres primary stuff....

and if not enough, my 70-200 went in for warranty work for the f mount on the back of the lens,  repaired..

now the vr feature squeals when engaged and sounds like gears grinding...so that is going back.....

these items were both repaired (supposedly) at melville within the last 8 weeks [js]

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