• High/Low DOF limits for current settings in viewfinder/info screen. Also, set hyperfocal button, set infinity button. (jc)
  • Trap focus as a setting, not a group of settings. (jc) [RESTORE trap focus! Now implemented on a few cameras via firmware update]
  • Improve contrast detection AF speed (cw)
  • Set hyperfocal distance (eg)
  • Trap focus that works with MF lenses (al)
  • AF area selector lights when focus achieved manually under it (ke)
  • Better screens for manual focusing (many)
  • AF button + dial changes AF mode (ka) [Change on D7000, D800, and D4 basically accomplishes this better]
  • Ability to change aperture while in DOF preview (da)
  • Depth of field bracketing (cm)
  • Focus bracketing (ms) dial in absolute DOF in feet (ag)
  • Beep when MF lens is at focus position (cr)
  • DOF selector (e.g. by dial) (ag)
  • Use phase detect sensor to light up which, if any, focus point is currently "in focus" while manually focusing. (mr)

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