Buttons and Dials

  • Reconsider and make more standard the button positions on all cameras (cm, others)
  • Add "temporary P A S or M mode" via assignable button held down (fh)
  • M-UP allows Self Timer (many), add always up to M-UP (tm)
  • Fix the SCM (AF mode) focus switch so that it can't easily be jarred to a different position (many) [new D7000, D800, D4 switch essentially does this]
  • D300 needs a dedicated bracketing button (cw)
  • "Shift" button (holding it alters menu/button states) (gm)
  • Program a sequence of actions to a button (kw)
  • An AF-On button with two sensitivities (full press/half press) that allows different focus action (e.g. single point/multiple point)(ms)

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