Out of Warranty D600 Repair

I sent in two D600s for shutter repair.  One was a refurbished D600 and the other was purchased new from B&H.  Both were spattering something on the sensor and both had been in for a sensor wet-clean at Calumet AND Nikon.

I sent in both bodies to Nikon after receiving a quasi-recall notice in my email from Nikon.  Both were sent in around March 20th.

The bodies were returned on 4/7 with a invoice repair slip noting:

1.  Replaced shutter mechanism

2.  Related parts

3.  Adjusted auto focus operation

4.  Checked bayonet mount

5.  Clean image sensor

6.  General check and clean

Total amount due:  0.00

No D610 (darn) but both bodies are working fine (so far).

I should note that the refurb D600 was purchased from Adorama some 8 months ago.  It's technically out of warranty but kudos to Nikon for taking it for repairs, no questions asked. (my)

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