Another Non-Repair Repair

I’m in the middle of resending my camera (D810) BACK AGAIN to Nikon and thought you might like 1 more story from our Heroes of Service. I needed only 2 things fixed, clearly spelt out on my service ticket by local dealer-  (1) My selector dial & it’s lock (the dial that you choose single frame, High Low, mirror up, timer etc) is broke (my fault, its spins & only does single frame) and  (2). camera not reading red dot auto aperture on my Prime lens like 50 F1.8  & 24mm F2.8 - wanted that checked?  Sent it away to Nikon through my excellent local dealer… Nikon quotes me $240 to fix & I of course say yes… so on 4th week it arrives back and they had put a new mount ring on it… - BUT NEVER TOUCHED nor REPAIRED MY “SELECTOR DIAL” ???   They bragged they cleaned & “checked every little thing”?  (I think NOT )…  “a real head scratcher”!!!   makes one wonder if they even read the repair ticket at all?  So we (local dealer) have sent it back...   

*  Now the real test to see if Nikon does the right thing with “fixing it for quoted price, pays all shipping and gets it back quickly”.. since they have already wasted my 4 weeks…  will let you know…. I really hope I can brag on them for doing all the right things… Like you I want them to be successful & our Heroes  ;) [dm]

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