D600 Returns Cleaned

I sent my D600 in for the first cleaning under the extended warranty.  This is the second time this camera was sent to Melville NY but they first time had to do with another issue.  

Using the prepaid mailer, I shipped the camera to Melville NY on 5/14/15.  The camera was received in NY just before the Memorial Day weekend.  I received the camera on 5/27/15.

I was without the camera for just under two weeks.  

Overall I am very satisfied.  I could not find the service email that Nikon had sent me so I called them on 5/13.  The phone script the person was using to deal with the problem customer (me) must have been good.  He walked me through what I needed to do and sent me a link to the proper place to start the process.  Later when the camera was received I was unsure if I had confirm anything based on an e-mail I received.  It seemed that I did not need to do anything, but experience with other companies told me to call to be sure.  As I thought everything was fine.  I was able to further check the progress each morning until the camera arrived.  (jd)

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