D600 Not Replaced Until Suit

Regarding the D600 issue, I bought a relatively early version packaged for Costco during the 2 week yen panic when the kit including camera, 24-85VR, 70-300VR, wifi adaptor & crappy case sold for under $2500.  At the time, I really didn't need it as my D700 was my go to body with a '300 b/u, but the pricing was too tempting even though I already knew of the dirt thang.  Since then, Nikon cleaned it 2 months after I got it, and has replaced the sensor twice.  It was still getting the classic upper left dirt and random oil spots throughout.  I called Customer Service and requested a swap to a 610 but they wouldn't go for it, even though I told them I knew about the suits and replacement deal but preferred to deal directly with them since I've been a rather loyal customer and have even had beta bodies to play with over the years.  So, I joined one of the law suits and almost immediately got a letter from Nikon stating they were going to replace it via the suit.  What the hell's wrong with those people? (jt)

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