Six Week Lens Repair

I can only call my repair experience horrible.  Damaged front element of 24-70.  Was told it would be week to repair, took 6 weeks.  At no time was I ever updated about the repair time frame.  People on the phone had no idea what was happening, are in another country and don't even know the product.  Was billed more then the estimate.  I shocked how bad their service was.  I have been shooting professionally for years and never needed to repair a camera guess I was lucky.

My luck ran out though when my D3 body needed to be repaired.  I sent it in to replace lens release button that jammed.  Got an estimate for close to $600 that did not mention what I sent it in for.  When I asked what I am paying for they were indignant and threatening.  I told them I could not approve an estimate for something I did not send the camera in for and that was not a problem when it shipped.  The customer service threatened me saying they would delay the repair and make me wait.  When I asked if they looked at the camera they admitted they had not.  How can you do an estimate without looking at the camera?  A complete nightmare.  This within a period of 5 weeks.  (pg)

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