Third Time's Not a Charm

--Left focus repair 1:  returned unchanged.  I got the "don't send it back because Japan is..."

--Left focus repair 2:  returned with severe front focus.  +20 fine tune helps a lot; not quite enough. Left sensor appears fixed.

-- Front focus repair number 3:  Returns with the exact same front focus problem.  Camera focuses about 4 inches short at 3 or 4 feet.  Left is "ok" but now right sensor is a bit off.

+ 20 required on Nikkor 50mm 1.4; 24-70; 14-24; 105 2.8, 28-300.

I have finally figured out what must be happening:  Canon has planted a tech at the Nikon repair facilities.

No idea what to do next.  I've never been so disappointed in a product.  Time to sell all my Nikon stuff and move to Canon? (jo)

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