Lens Not Fixed (3 Times)

I have owned Nikons for nearly 30 years now. In the early days I found that any problems with my Cameras was considered by Nikon as something I had done...that appeared their attitude be it in Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong or Europe and as the cameras then were quite affordable I simply gave up and bought new units.  Now while my attitude has changed as cost's increased over the years as I ventured in to the higher level DSLR,s I find that Nikons attitude or quality of service remains the same, eg: I owned a Nikon 28-70 1:2.8 lense for many years and was very happy with it however for some reason I sold it on only to regret my move and buy a new one however the new one, (S/N: 408739) has been the most unreliable peice of junk I have ever bought and Nikon either refused to accept that it was a dud from day one or simply hoped I would tire of trying to get it replaced or fixed and so as it stands now I have had the Autofocus mechanism repaired 3 times after it simpy stopped operating  every couple of years, the latest repair was only about 4 months ago and again it has failed......I did look at buying the 24-70 1:2.8 however after seeing the online complaints about Nikons refusal to accept that the zoom barrel is fundamentally flawed on this new model I am yet again forced to try and get a final fix for my current 28-70. I wish you good luck in trying to get Nikon to become Professional and accept that if they are to charge such high prices for their so called Semi Professional equipment they should stand by that equipment with a more than amateur approach. (ib)

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