Positive Experiences

Repair Experience - body:

Had D800E die on me at the Grand Canyon. Thankfully literally when the light was dying as well, on my last day there, so I didn't have to reach for the backup body. Shutter/mirror wouldn't function. Sent to Nikon Melville, out of warranty quote for a couple hundred bucks and change. Got it back in three weeks, replaced mirror assembly, replaced bent lens mount, cleaned, upped firmware. Damned thing looked brand new, shoots like a jewel, left side AF problems fixed. I have my issues with Nikon, but service out of Melville has for the most part been positive. Grade: A 

Repair Experience - lens:

Last year had my 200/2 VR-I start squealing, last year in warranty. Sent it off to Melville, 2 weeks and change, get it back for warranty repair. Works great, etc. Except they forgot to send back the lens hood, and when I looked up the price for THAT sucker I think my blood pressure blew the cuff off. Called 'em up, and they sent a new one out my way later that week. Again, have my issues with Nikon, but service out of Melville was good and the issue they had, they addressed. Grade: B+  (mn)

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