Repair Update

Last month I emailed a Nikon repair story, 3 tries and several months to fix my D800E which couldn't trigger remote flashes.  I wrote too soon because the camera was not fixed.  It was better, but not fixed.

After the third repair CLS commander mode only triggered remotes 80% of the time.

I sent the camera back a fourth time.  I got back a new D800E.  I hear Nikon has an unofficial policy to replace after three failed repairs.

The new D800E works so far.

Here are my three other Nikon repair experiences in the past year.

Nikon repaired a 16-35mm f/4 that I dropped.  It came back in good working order in reasonable time.

Nikon replaced the rubber grip on my three year old D700.  It came back in good working order in reasonable time.

My Nikon 1 V1 is a victim of Nikon's "everything or nothing" repair policy.  Nikon won't fix a scratch in a ten cent piece of plastic unless I pay more than the camera is worth to repair unrelated cosmetic damage.

The plastic over the eye sensor has a scratch or crack.  The eye sensor sees the crack, thinks my eye is present, and disables the rear screen.  A drop of water can sometimes fill the scratch and make the eye sensor work for a few minutes.  That means the problem is only superficial.

I dropped the camera a week after the eye sensor broke.  There is cosmetic damage to the exterior.  The only non-cosmetic damage is a weakened spring in the battery door cover.  The camera works fine except for the eye sensor.

Nikon refuses to fix the eye sensor without also repairing the case. Fixing everything would cost over $300.  I could buy a new camera with kit lens for $349.  (Both prices as of end of January, 2013.)  The camera isn't worth $300+ to me.

And so my last two camera purchases were Canon and Sony instead of the Nikons that came before. (jc)

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