70-200mm Lens Repair

Nikon VR 70-200 (the first one) when turned on made a grinding noise and the image shaking in the viewfinder.

Nikon repair almost $500.00.

Worked fine when Nikon returned it to me.  I placed in protected storage - and did not use it. Nikon returned in January 2014 - mounted it today on two different bodies - makes even more of a grinding noise with the image jumping around in the viewfinder.   Absolutely my last VR lens unless forced to. (mb)

{Thom’s Note: image jumping with VR enabled can be a faulty VR system in the lens, but it also can be insufficient power supplied to the lens. When battery charge is low, you’ll often see jumpy VR—it’s actually a reasonable battery indicator ;~). Moreover, a number of cameras in the 2007-2011 time frame had what I called DBS (dead battery syndrome), which was a problematic power issue between lens and cameras. Some cameras in that time period required a firmware update to deal with the issue.] 

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